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Long Overdue Update


Obviously, I think about my blog much more often than I actually POST on my blog.  Hopefully, that is about to change.  Every year on my birthday I make resolutions (instead of New Years Day).  I’m already depressed on my birthday, so why not create goals for myself that I know I will never reach, right??

Well, since my LAST post two years ago, lots has happened in my life.  My darling daughter graduated high school, got married, and I moved out on MY OWN for the first time in my entire life!!  Daughter and her husband stayed in the home she and I lived in, and I moved back into my grandparents’ home.  This was the house we first lived in when we moved back to Gadsden in 2006, so I guess it is appropriate that 10 years later, I move back in.  There are still tons of memories here along with TONS of STUFF!!!  Stuff from my grandparents, my parents, me and my daughter.

Actually, I moved in August 2016, so I’ve been here about 18 months now and am beginning to settle in somewhat.  At first I had my sewing center set up in the living room (I know, crazy, but it was the largest room in the house!).  Then I found this amazing wall unit/bookcase at an estate sale that just had to occupy the long wall in the living room, so I was back to moving the sewing center into a spare bedroom.  It was set up pretty well for a little while, but since the holidays, it has become quite over-run with stuff I don’t have anywhere else to put.

Starting this month, I am going to reorganize (the story of my life) and move all my papercrafting and miscellaneous crafts to the basement and strive to keep the sewing room exclusively for sewing, quilting and yarn storage.

I did participate in Jennifer Maker’s 30 Day Craft Room Organization Challenge.  Okay, I have all the emails saved into one file so I can get started working on it.  See a pattern here, I have great intentions……  Here’s the link to Jennifer’s site:  She has lots of great ideas and tutorials and really motivated me to get started…….

Just writing this post has been a step in the right direction.  Now, to get all that fabric folded and put away.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be brave enough to snap a picture tonight of the before chaos that is my sewing room.  We shall see……….