New Beginnings


Howdy, Friends!!  Lots has been going on in my life lately and most of it has been good and positive!!

Back almost a year ago, I graduated from the University of Alabama School of Library and Information Services with my Master’s in Library Science.  No change in job location or position because I already have a wonderful job with the Gadsden Public Library as Head of Technical Services (which means I am the cataloging librarian and I get to see all the new stuff!!!)  That only increases my to-read list almost daily, but oh well, someday I’ll get time to read them all.

On my fun side (hobby-related), I added a Cricut Explore Air to my collection of sewing and crafting tools. I already had a Cricut Expression 2, but I never really used it fully.  I LOVE the Explore Air, and am beginning to really make some cool things.  I made baseball shirts for my daughter and her co-employees to wear on Halloween.  They are bank tellers and they wanted their teller numbers on their shirts.  Hopefully, the pictures will show up here……


A good friend of mine in Birmingham has convinced me to sign up for the Martha Pullen Beginning Sewing II Teacher Certification.  (Wow, what a mouthful!)  I have sewn for years, but have never felt confident enough to teach anyone else.  This is a step in that direction, however!  The class fee is a Christmas gift from my Sweetie, and it includes lots of technique sheets and 30 projects!!  Hopefully, in a few months, I’ll be planning to try out my teaching skills……

At home, my house is still a mess!  I’ve been told I just move my stuff from one room to another (I’m afraid that may be true!)  However, I have decided to move my sewing room into the Living Room.  It’s just the two of us at home and no one EVER goes in the Living Room, so I’m treating myself and allowing myself to make me a big playroom!  Yes, I will have to make it look presentable and neat and my piano will still be there as well as my bookshelves my Sweetie built for me.  I hope it will truly be my escape and quiet place!

Okay, now I’ve made it official, I’m headed home to work some more on clearing out that Living Room so I can move in.  Thanksgiving Day is next week, and I’m sorta setting the weekend after as my drop-dead date to have most of the sewing stuff in place.  Fingers are crossed!!

Until next time, Happy Reading and Stitching!!


About deblwalker

I am a cataloging librarian in my local public library and Head of Technical Services. This job definitely adds almost daily to my quite lengthy reading list. Throw into the mix an adorable boyfriend, a monster cat (inherited from my darling daughter after she got married), two parents (did I say I'm an only child?), and a very hectic life!! I LOVE to read, crochet, sew, do needlework and most crafts, and I enjoy working in my yard and think I will ALWAYS be trying to organize and declutter my home. Life after 50 has definitely never been boring at my house!!

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